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Your Host,
Dr. Dawn Gross

Dawn Gross, MD, PhD has been caring for people living with life-threatening illnesses for over two decades.  Dr. Gross is committed to revolutionizing the way we talk about — and prepare for – death.  Her first-of-its-kind call-in radio series launched on 91.7 FM KALW in 2016, where she and her guests created a safe space for program listeners to call-in and transform the experience of end-of-life conversations to discovering what matters most in life right NOW.


2023 marks the launch of Dying to Talk® as a podcast.

Season 1: UCSF Heart Sounds.


The self-proclaimed podcast host name, Dr. AsYouWish, carries three layers of meaning: as YOU wish, as in her desire to be respectful; as you Wish, as in her desire to be of service/to make wishes come true; and ultimately, as explained in the film, “The Princess Bride”, As You Wish, means, I Love You. This is how Dr. Gross wishes every listener to feel when they tune into Dying To Talk®.

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Joanna Lin

Production Director

Joanna is a clinical research coordinator at UCSF who seeks to care for people with all types of backgrounds, especially those who have felt lost or invisible while navigating complex healthcare systems. The stories and people in her life drive her pursuit to be a physician rooted in compassion, upheld by understanding cultural differences, and propelled by efforts to improve care for diverse populations. As a future physician, Joanna strives to continue conversations, just like the ones in Dying to Talk®, to empower her patients and peers to confidently navigate health and medicine.


Fernando Vives

Sound Engineer

From an early age, Fernando (a.k.a. Noon Do) has been influenced and related with music. With a family of musicians, his first experience was at 4 years old after receiving his first drum set. As a DJ, he started around the age of 14 and producing music at 20. Throughout his career, Fernando has played and left a mark in the biggest festivals in South America such as Lollapalooza, Ultra, Creamfields and many others with audiences of 10,000 or more, occupying an important place in the electronic scene of Chile. Currently, Noon Do is a DJ/Producer graduated from Icon Collective School (Los Angeles, CA) and living in San Francisco, CA. He's working as a producer and djing with more than 18 years of experience.

BIG Thanks to...

Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 12.34.36 AM.png

Craig Minowa and the band Cloud Cult

Dying to Talk® Music has been generously provided by Craig Minowa of the band, Cloud Cult, featuring music from their most recent album, Metamorphosis. (Every sound you hear is theirs, even those EKG monitor heartbeats at the start of every episode, yup, that's them! Give yourself a gift and discover more of their amazing music:)

Matt Martin, Executive Producer of Dying To Talk

During his time as General Manager of 91.7 FM KALW, numerous award-winning podcasts were launched including Roman Mars’ 99% Invisible, W. Kamau Bell's Kamau Right Now!, and The Stoop. His skills as a concise communicator who knows how to engage an audience, transmit ideas, and compel people to listen and act have been and remain invaluable to the development of Dying To Talk®.

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