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Dying to Talk, KALW Radio Series

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Actor, producer Justin Baldoni. Photo courtesy of the artist.


“You Don't Have To Be Dying To Learn How To Live” 


Originally aired Sunday, October 2, 2016. To listen, click here


When death approaches, an extraordinary thing happens: we become fully present to life. In the new CW documentary series, My Last Days, actor and filmmaker, Justin Baldoni, captures this inexplicable irony in every story. Join this intimate conversation with Justin and discover how being close to death can inspire us to be fully alive.

"Death and Multiculturism" 


Originally aired Sunday, October 23, 2016. To listen, click here.

When we talk about how we want to die, what we are really talking about is what matters most in life. This universal conversation takes on countless nuances when approached from different cultural perspectives. Discover how author and professor, Sarah Ladipo Manyika, weaves her own multicultural upbringing into her writing and how this influences how she thinks about living and dying in America.




Author and speaker Sarah Ladipo Manyika. Photo courtesy of the artist.




My son, Josh Gross in the studio discussing what matters most to him. Photo by Carlos Graña.

"What do you wish?"

Originally aired April 14, 2016. To listen, click here.


“If I had a magic wand, what would you wish for?”  April 16th is Advanced Care Planning Day - an opportunity to have a conversation with loved ones about what matters most in life, and how we want to face death. Listeners share their successes, challenges and fears in having Advanced Care Planning conversations and learn about tools that make these often daunting conversations more approachable.

"Cloud Cult Live in Concert & Conversation"


Originally aired on WNYC November 1, 2018 and re-broadcast November 14, 2021.

This intimate concert with the indie-rock band, Cloud Cult, was held in WNYC’s The Greene Space. Part of the Reimagine festival in New York City, the evening was an opportunity to explore life, death and how grief brings meaning to our lives. This soulful conversation with band leader, Craig Minowa, expanded to include reflections from each band member as well as endearing questions from the audience.




Cloud Cult with Dr. Dawn and her son, Josh.



In the studio with Awtar Kaur Khalsa.



Originally aired March 10, 2016. To listen, click here.


Feeling lost, overwhelmed, and invisible -- these are just some of the challenging emotions nearly all caregivers encounter.  Join a conversation with guest, Awtar Kaur Khalsa, a mother, daughter and granddaughter intimately familiar with the struggles of caring for a dying loved one and discover how, even as we face great loss, something magical becomes possible.

"Until Death, It Is All Life"


(The episode that started it all)

Dr. Jeffrey Mandell. Photo courtesy of my guest.


Originally aired on January 14, 2016. To listen, click here.

On the first episode: “Until Death It Is All Life.” Knowing that we are mortal is different than knowing that we will die. Explore the opportunities that arise for ourselves and those we love when we face death head on with a healthcare advocate at our side. Dr. Dawn Gross and her guest, Dr. Jeffrey Mandell, share, listen and learn from program participants about what matters most in life as we face death head-on with a healthcare advocate at our side.

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