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Think Mister Rogers (as a Ms/Dr) creates a podcast on Death

Dying to Talk

Welcome. We are so glad you are HERE. Please make yourself comfortable as you get ready to tune into a new podcast talking with people intimate with navigating the terrain of serious illness, death and grief.  


As a hospice and palliative medicine physician, many people assume I am the grim reaper. I see myself much more like a fairy godmother. It’s just that I’ve learned that while following in the shadow of death something remarkable becomes illuminated. Death reminds us what matters most. What is essential comes into sharp focus. Each true story you hear sheds light on who and what we love, opening the door to conversations about our shared humanity. Think of this space as your space. A safe space to explore, ask questions and hear stories about people finding their way.


Together we are creating a world where Communicating Love is at the heart of even the most challenging conversations. 


We’ll be sharing resources where you can turn to for support because you and I, we’re only human, and talking about death can be uncomfortable. 

So know you are not alone.

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Talk About What Matters Most


Dying to Talk
UCSF Heart Sounds

Doctors encounter death early and often during medical training placing them at high risk for burnout. The isolation of the pandemic has only exacerbated this condition. Thanks to the support of the UCSF Community Wellbeing Grant, Dying To Talk®: UCSF Heart Sounds is a new series dedicated to promoting wellbeing and community through conversations about the universally experienced moment in medical training: the first patient death.

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